Flawed Perfections.. (Poem)

I never considered myself to be very lucky, I always trip up and come up short. I lose my balance, knees buckle and give way. I’m afraid of the dark and always take the joke to far. I laugh when it’s freezing and cry when it’s sunny. I giggle at things that shouldn’t be funny. […]

R is for Rejected..(with Poem)

I’m in so much pain.. I must sound like such a whiny girl, but I truly am.. Ryan has already moved on.. has someone new..He gets to be happy, he gets to have someone.. And I’m here just sad and alone.. I’m so tired, I’m so cleaned out, so disconnected.. What the fuck was the […]

Zero + 1..

Yesterday wasn’t exactly fun for me, I wanted to tear down so much and just burn it all to ash. I was thinking to myself amidst all this, is it possible, to love someone and hate them at the same time? If so, is that really love or hate? Or can there be some “perfect” […]

Saturday Summary..

Back again after a brief and undesired break. Here with an update and hopefully a poem post today. Afterwards I’ll be taking the day off from my phone and giving my neck a rest. So, summer is in full boiling mode at this point, always appreciated. Getting up to the 109F range where I live. […]

Update on a Rainy Day..

Halloooo to my fellow bloggers, I know I’ve been posting lots of poems lately, but I’ve also been writing a lot more lately. So I wanna share them here. They always reflect my mental state and head space. It’s raining today, the room is barely lit and it’s 3:15pm. I’m at a stand still on […]

Days of Gray.. (Poem)

When did waking up become such a chore? When you can’t tell the difference between day or night, because they both blend together in an unflattering shade of gray?Because in the end, old scars still bleed, because someone new rips them open? Hoisting myself up on the chilled kitchen counter, the mug of coffee in […]

Night Drive (Poem)

The light turns green and I’m suddenly far from familiar streets. Past 2am and I light up a cigarette. The smoke billows out of the open sunroof, one hand on the wheel. When you’re trying to run from something, no road seems far enough away. No turn is sharp enough, no highway speed fast enough, […]