Hot Tired Restless (Question)

If my mood were a face, I’m pretty sure it’d be this-

Tonight didn’t go as planned, I busted my nonexistent nuts on my fresh made taco soup. Yet, by the time the sweat had left my brow, I realized I fucked up.

New sweat formed all over my body and a sense of twitchy panic set in. I had waited too long to eat, and now it was past the point of no return.

Then came the nausea, then the headache right in between my brows, then it was fuck it o’clock. My body beat me again. Punishing me for not constantly providing it something to digest. Therefore it becoming like a squirrel in traffic, and throwing an annoyed bitch fit.

Subsequently, I became a pile on my couch and simply knew that taking an involuntary rest was the only way.

Now laying here in the thin of it, I’m just agro and frumpy.

My soup, by the way, turned out very good. Spicy and satisfying. Once I could enjoy it mind you.

NyQuil now coating my grumpy stomach I’m hoping to rest soon. Therefore finishing this post in the AM.

I’ll go ahead and just chronicle this as in real time. From now of me taking a rest. To whoever I start up again later.


Hey it’s still technically the am haha.

So sleeping was particularly rough, I’ve got a bit of after tension but, that’s life. I skipped streaming yesterday because I felt so sick. So today I gotta grind it out.

It’s gray and moody here, no sun to brighten me up yet. But I’ve been thinking about future things I wanna post, and I’m thinking my next post will be about my thoughts on the paranormal and Urban lore.

For this one though, since I’m past the part of groaning about my poor body status, I thought I’d talk about my goals for the next 2 weeks.


November is half way over, holy shiz. Why is it that the closer it gets to the end of the year, the faster time is like “fuck this I’m out”?

It’s very frustrating

So these are things I wanna accomplish within the next 2 weeks

1- Start jogging (been putting this one off a while now due to the heat)

2- Prep for my first road trip in early December

3- Post as much stuff to sell as possible before said road trip

4- Stream at least 4-5 times a week. (That’s including the V&K Hour which is 2 nights a week)

5- Grind as much as I possibly can

Now, these may be goals, but I’m not gonna barrel down on myself super hard to get them done. Because it seems like the harder I am on myself, the more shit gets fucked and I end up wasting days with nothing to show for it.

Stress Management

Holy hell, I’ve never met anyone who reacts to stress the way I do.

My body is hyper sensitive and over reactive to everything. Lack of food, caffeine, msg, stress, muscle strain, cat saliva, cows, pain. It just goes on and on. There is no benefit of this either.

Stress though, is the worst offender.

It’s legit killing me. I have GOT to find a way to release some of this years of built up tension.

The knots in my shoulder. The tension in my neck, the bags under my eyes, the piss poor sleep. Somethings gotta give.

I’m doing strength training and will start jogging. But that’s not gonna be enough. I need more.

If anyone has any suggestions on what they do to combat bad stress and tension, please comment.

What is something that really just chills out your mind and body? Something you do on a regular basis.

Also, I’m looking into more of the soul cleansing side of things as well. I know I have years and years of built up negative energy inside me. So any spiritual rituals you’d recommend that remove negative energy would be great.

My sister is Mexican and has been giving me some ideas from her culture about cleansing the soul and home. But I want all the suggestions I can get.

It’s not just about the body, it’s the soul and spirit as well.

I know many cultures have different rituals so any you’ve tried that helped, Im interested in!

Wiccan’s have rituals as well for soul cleansing so give me your take on those too!

Well guys I’m gonna go move around and try to get my body loose. I really hope to get some comments from y’all and suggestions.

Thanks so much for reading!

So I’ll leave it with- When the wind blows, my Soul aches🍁🍂

4 thoughts on “Hot Tired Restless (Question)

  1. I personally find a massage is great for working the stress out of your body. Walking is wonderful, being out in the open air and just taking in your surroundings. And there is an app called Calm that helps you learn meditation, and it’s recommended to meditate at least 10 minutes a day to bring you back center and calm. I hope maybe something in this might help❣️xx


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