My Writing Style, Streaming & 80 Followers!

2am on a Friday night, 18% battery on my phone and I’m laying in my bed, or couch more technically. But I decided that since I’m wide awake, why not do an overdue post.


So I wanna take this first bit to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s followed me thus far on my blogging journey. I’m really humbled, I didn’t think I’d end up getting this much notice when I first started this little corner of my mind.

It genuinely motivates me to keep at it and doing more and more posts. I really wanna create some entries that people really relate too or find funny, or even helpful.

Your support means the world to me and I hope you continue to follow me on this collection of inner monologues and passionate interests.

Streaming that Twitch itch

Yup, I’ve started streaming, for I’d say about a month now. I gotta say that I actually really enjoy it. So far I have 2 different things you can watch on there. With more to come in the future. It’s really relaxing and chill honestly and I’d love to work up to doing it almost every day.

1- The Vixen & Kitten Hour

My sister and I host our own podcast on Twitch where we talk about any and all topics, so far we’ve done, Horror movie reviews, sex, male support, and politics in entertainment. Each week is a new topic!

We’re very down to earth and funny chicks. We see things from both sides and give our opinions based on that. It’s a very chill podcast where you can kick back and listen to two chicks, one who sounds like an Anime siren, and one who sounds like a loli neko.

We joke on articles we find, different “cult of outrage” stuff, it’s a blast and all the current episodes are up on my Twitch page!

It’s every Thursday night starting at 8:30CT

I’ll leave my Twitch link down at the end.

2- Is me solo streaming Corpse Party Book of Shadows.

I’m up to episode 4 in the game and I’m loving it! I’m also trying to develop my voice acting ability by reading the lines of each character.

It’s a fun spooky anime horror game and a great story to follow along and become engrossed in!


The creepiest month of the year is already half way through and I’ve yet to really get into a horror movie flow. And frankly I’m disappointed in myself.

I watched the Alien movies, but nothing after that. And that’s just a damn shame. So rather than blow more time off, I’m gonna watch a horror film during the day tomorrow, then get my stream on.

I think today it’ll be the movie called, As Above so Below. After seeing The Decent, which scared the piss outta me btw, that whole cave exploring idea is a treat.

It’s something I can safely say I’d never do. I’m a panicky, claustrophobic, humidity victim. I’m not about to be trapped underground with the spawns of the Devils asshole.

Plus I mean, ew, sweaty, small spaces, I’m fine in my bathroom after a shower with the lights off if I want that vibe.

My Writing Style

So, if someone were to ask me (not that they would), what my writing style is derived from. Or if I planned on writing this blog a certain way. Perhaps if I contemplate on every word before I type it. This would be my reply-

*Long exasperated throat clearing*……


I write exactly as my mind flows with it. And it’s nothing like, I don’t care how what I say sounds. Or, don’t care how it comes off to people. Of course not. This is a blog someone, somewhere, might stumble across and read. It’s a reflection of myself, it represents me in a way.

That’s exactly why I don’t really plan out posts down to the literal letter. I don’t agonize over every sentence, I don’t force drawn out thought in how people will perceive me.

I want everything to feel as natural as possible. Thoughts spilling onto a screen and my own unique spastic take on whatever I’m on about.

I’m without a doubt not organized, nor do I sound professional, or probably even schooled in English (I am btw, took as many college classes as I could on it).

But to me, creative writing is an art. It can be abstract, or controlled, or analytical. It can be dark or cheerful. It can be manic or sleepy sheepy, aggressive or chill as ice cream. It’s the art of your mind, painted into letters on a screen.

Do it how you want, about whatever you feel like, in whatever “style” comes naturally to you.

My “style” is complete RAM (Random Access Memory), mixed with a NFG database, and free flowing wires of sarcasm. Whichever file I pull for a post, could be a rant, review, recovery update, or a riot, it’s gonna be an organic flow through.

No matter what the subject, topic, vibe, I love writing. It’s the one thing throughout my life that was an instant chill pill. Like a Xanex that actually works for me.

This zone, is my comfort zone.

Saturday Spirit

Thanks again guys who are currently following me, who choose to follow me in the future, or just take the time to read a post. It’s hard to express through a screen the appreciation I have for the support. Just know that through my cynicism, my sarcasm, my laid back approach, I put true care into what I say.

If this blog can make even just one person smile, or feel related too, or not feel alone, or to know someone out there understands them, then all the work I’ve done so far, and will continue to do, is worth it 1000x over.

Feel free to leave a comment or approach me, I’ll do my best to respond! Also, if you feel like asking me a question, go for it as well!

So I’ll leave it with- Life is a strange hideous ironic bitch goddess, but when she gives us a break, what we experience is magic ~ 🍂🍁

Twitch Link


3 thoughts on “My Writing Style, Streaming & 80 Followers!

    1. Really? Thank you, that makes me feel really motivated to post more. ☺️ I don’t exactly sound professional or well schooled I guess you could say, but I speak from open honesty ^.^ I like your postings as well


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