My First Brazilian Wax (The Ouch Meter)!

Sunday really seems to be the day that I get a lot of things done. And this past morning was a pretty big deal for me.

I went in and got my first full Brazilian wax and butt wax, yes butt wax. So I decided to blog about my experience for anyone considering waxing, whether you’re female or male!

The 411

So, being a girl with dark hair and extremely pale skin, body hair is an eyesore to me. I envy the blonde for 2 reasons, 1 you can dye your hair any color you want without bleaching it and it’ll show beautifully. And 2, your body hair isn’t nearly as visible. I digress.

Shaving is just ehhhh, a pain in the pussy, pun intended. No matter how soft or firm I shave, no matter the razor type or brand, no matter the shaving cream, I cut myself, get razor bumps, and I’m maybe smooth for a day. And of course the fact that I can’t reach every place. I’m not very flexible and I have thick thighs, nuff said.

So after much debating, I decided to just do it. I knew I had to wait 3 to 4 solid weeks for the hair to grow out, which I’ll admit was annoying.

Making the Apt

I dunno about anyone else out there, but when your hair is growing back on your crotch area, does it not itch so much? Cuz for me it was just obnoxious. I washed it and kept it clean every day, but still it itched, especially if I was exercising and sweating.

I decided on the European Waxing Center that’s very close to my home. I knew I wanted to go to a place that specialized in only waxing. No nail salons or hair salons. I downloaded the app and made an apt without having to call in. I could choose my waxer, and got a time!

I read the local reviews of the place and found that one waxer was praised very highly by the most people, so I chose her. If you’ve never been to a place and are getting a service, it doesn’t hurt to check your local reviews and see who’s name pops up most.

Cuz I had no idea who to pick, and for this delicate of a procedure, I wanted the best.

Nervous Wreck

I woke up early that day, I’ll admit I was crazy nervous. It felt like the exact same panic I have when I know I’m going to the doctors.

I washed my downtown business thoroughly, no way was I gonna go in there with having anything but a pussy smelling like flowers.

I arrived 30mins early, plenty of time to sit and stew in my own sweaty panic. When I’m nervous, I sweat like crazy, it’s awful.

The Esthetician came out and right away was very sweet to me. She could probably tell right off the bat how nervous I was. We went back to a private room and she asked me to strip off my bottoms, underwear an all.

I commented how scared I was and she instantly with a perky tone said, “don’t be! We’re both girls and I see it all the time! When I have free time I ask one of my coworkers to wax me. Nothing to be shy about and I’ll take good care of you.” I’ll say, this put me at ease some. Her attitude was so positive and welcoming that even though she’d be seeing my lady goods, I wasn’t as shy.

Stupid Table Paper (tiny rant)

So I hopped up on the table, ripping that stupid paper they have so you don’t touch the table itself. I hate that paper, I know it’s for a reason, but something about that ripping just embarrasses me. Like I’m so sweaty it sticks to me and just “ripppppp”. Plus I mean come on, you’re getting up on a table and spreading your legs for a stranger to touch and see.

Same thing happens at the stupid gynecologist. Like you’re already nervous and uncomfortable, but if you’re a nervous sweater like me, having the paper just stick to you and rip while you’re exposed is just ugh, embarrassing. (Maybe I’m the only one with this problem but I needed to vent)

The Business

I spread my legs in a butterfly position and she began talking to me. Asking me questions about my life and my interests. Simultaneously spreading the wax on the area. This wasn’t strips they used, it was wax you peel off, I’m not sure honestly which is better or worse, strips or just the wax itself you pull off. Both hurt so eh.

She automatically told me that the first 4 would be the worst because it’s what takes off the majority of the hair. And I knew my hair was thick and not gonna go down without a fight for dear life.

For Future Reference

Anytime someone says, “ok I’ll just tell you when to breathe in, and take a deep breath”, you know you’re in for some pain.

She did just that, and I was trying with all my might to not hold in and then pass out. For some reason, when I’m told to breathe, I instantly hold my breath like I’m preparing for a deep sea dive.

She ripped and–

I’m not gonna sugar coat it my sweet readers, this was a “oh holy shit” moment. It hurt, a lot, then the next one came and my leg actually twitched and flinched. She was still talking to me and I did my best to focus on her words rather than the shocks of pure pain. After the 6th one, I suppose I knew that it wouldn’t hurt any more than it already had, and I just became used to it.

Still reminds me of that infamous scene in the 40 Year old Virgin. When he’s getting waxed, that was actually him being waxed. And his cries in pain are not over exaggerated.

My butt actually hurt more than I thought it would, those tender soft areas like the stomach and inner thighs, they just can’t take much pain.

Smooth Sailing (the result)

After all was said and done, it took maybe, 15 to 20mins. She put a serum on my situation and I got dressed.

Not gonna lie, I was fully expecting to not be able to walk outta there without being in pain. I figured I’d be raw and sore and bleeding for at least the rest of the day. But, I was totally fine.

The funny thing about waxing is that the initial pain is intense, but there’s no after pain. Like no residual stinging or soreness, it’s just calm. Maybe in appearance it’s red and even bleeding slightly (which is normal) but you don’t feel any pain.

So if you’re considering a wax, I say to try it at least once. No shaving there, showers are shorter, results are longer. And the hair grows back less thick and less numerous. So each time you wax, it gets easier. It’s smooth and bump free! Perfectly kissable 💋😌

Ok I’ll stop now 😂

Hope this helped you out some! If you have any questions please feel free to comment!

2 thoughts on “My First Brazilian Wax (The Ouch Meter)!

    1. I luckily didn’t bleed too much, but get this, so exactly what I wanted to avoid, happened. My monthly curse started that very morning of the apt. And it wasn’t like horrible just that beginning stage, but it makes your body SO much more sensitive to pain. So I’m like
      ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ “really?!” And that paper just god damn it I hate it

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