Horror Month Begins!

Happy October 1st my fellow readers and bloggers! πŸ‚πŸ

Is say out of every month of the year, October is my favorite. It’s getting chilly, leaves are falling, days are shorter, and all the Halloween vibes come into full swing.

I’m a huge horror freak, I love horror movies, true scary stories, paranormal, extraterrestrial, urban lore, horror video games, horror anime, ALL that good stuff.

Things that go bump and scratch in the night have always fascinated me.

Since it’s day one of Horror Month, (but let’s be real, horror is good any month, and I carry that belief on year round) so I’m gonna do some exclusive horror based posts.

First I’d like to touch a bit on Japanese horror and the game/anime, Corpse Party.

I first became familiar with CP through Pewdiepie (who I greatly admire). Watching him play the first game to completion, and some of the second game, I was instantly enamored.

There are few horror anime out there to be fair, yet, Japan does horror just as perfectly as it does all things cute. Japan can make a sponge cute, Japan can make a trash bag cute.

But, they can also make a mug of coffee scary, a wind chime scary. They have truly mastered both sides of the spectrum.

CP is a mystery/reading/horror game. Originally brought to the psp I believe, years ago.

In an act of setting their forever friendship into concrete stone, they preform the “Sachiko Ever After” ritual. And like any good horror plot, things go very shit, very fast.

It’s interesting how certain ordinary places like, a school, a hospital, a park, even a bathroom, can be turned sinister.

But that’s the magic of a good horror writer, taking the every day ordinary, and turning it into a nightmare for the ages.

This game takes place in a school. A dark, decaying, clearly run down school. Inhabited by spirits both friendly, and malicious.

Years ago, Heavenly Host Elementary school had a series of brutal murders and strange disappearances. All fingers pointed to the principle, but a far darker force was pulling the strings.

It’s your provocative to explore this school, usually in character pairs of 2, and try to figure out a way to live out this waking nightmare. Many many students have died here before you, and many are not kind in death. But can you really blame them?

When I first came across the series, it genuinely scared me. The atmosphere is so perfectly done, and you can hear and feel these characters panic and hopelessness.

The life just draining from them minute by minute, and you don’t know which will break first, their mind, or their will to keep pushing forward.

It’s the first game I’ll be playing on my Twitch, I can’t think of a better start to the month.

This game does Japanese horror proud, and I have to warn you, it’s not just bumps and scratches. There is blood, gore, and all manner of disturbing twisted shit. So even in anime form, it can be a bit much. Plus, it revolves around young children in many aspects, not just teens. And that’s a place even most veteran horror story tellers go.

I appreciate the slow build up of tension, the character development, and just how sinister this game really is. It’s highly underrated.

In another post I’d love to go in-depth about my take on Japanese horror and the impact it’s had on me as a horror fan. Starting with CP is definitely a good move. Japan has a slew of amazing scary things to touch on that I’ll expression in my next post.

I also wanna discuss my favorite horror movies, versus ones that truly scared me. I know this is a big departure from my normal poems and musings. But I hope you’ll come along with me on this spooky ride!

And in case anyone might be curious my Twitch is-


I’ll do my best to stream this afternoon!

So I’ll leave it with- Fear of the unknown, what you can’t see can’t hurt you, or can it?

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