My Experience Blogging so far

So, upon looking through many many different blogs on here that pertain to my personal interests, I see a lot of reviews.

It’s hard to know if you should go with what others are doing and see if that works for you. Or, keep doing what you’re currently doing and see what sticks.

I love writing, it helps me breathe easier. But when I write, it’s always from the current mind-state I’m in. It’s more like, “Hey, this is what I’m thinking”. Kind of deal

It’s not always structured, it’s just me spilling the contents of my thoughts onto a screen.

In so many blogs you see reviews and travel posts and things like that. Everything looks more clean and organized. I guess I am kind of a messy writer.

This is my “secret” place. No one I know has access to this blog. So I can say whatever, express whatever, and not have to worry about someone I know taking something out of context. People tend to do that..

“Was that about me?”

“How could you say that?”

“That’s so rude and offensive.”


I don’t need any of that in my ear. The monkey in my head is already loud enough.

I will say though, I want to discuss more experiences in my life. Things I’ve tried, what worked and what didn’t, the reaction my mind or body had. Maybe that will resonate with some people.

Writing is something I’ll never stop doing, it’s as natural as breathing for me. It’s therapy and creation at the same time.

Sometimes you just gotta throw your line out there, and see if you catch a bite.

It’s 7:03am on a Sunday, I woke up suddenly and just felt compelled to get on my blog and write up my inner ramblings. It’s still dark out and I wanna get at least a bit more sleep.


I’ve got some ideas rumbling around in my head and I wanna get them out. So one of my goals for today is to write at least one more blog post.

Wish me luck!

So I’ll leave it with-

Procrastination is an enemy to the artist. ~

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