Autumn Goals!

I for one am sick to death of the heat. I sweat just looking out the window at the sun, let alone be out in it. And where I am on this planet is no “cool for the summer” type place.

But now Autumn is in full swing! And tomorrow is the first of October!

We survived the summer and now it’s chilly days ahead!

I’m very excited to wear my sweaters and leggings again. Tbh all of favorite clothes almost or for chillier weather. I even have stuff I got at the end of the cold season this year that I haven’t even been able to try yet!

The gray skies and chilly wind are heaven on earth to me. I actually wanna start jogging now that it’s gonna be bearable.

Though it’s my dream to spend Autumn in a place like NYC, Amsterdam, or London, I’ll try and make the best of it where I am.

I wanna set some goals for October and see if I can actually do them! I wanna give myself a real challenge 🙌🏻

Goals I have picked out for now are-

Start jogging at least once a week

Write an actual chapter for one of my stories

Stream twice or 3 times a week

See one movie at the theater

Fix up my workout area

Save money for my hair

Blog more often

play a new video game

And get my finances in order!

Those are a good start for now!

What do you enjoy about Fall? Any goals in mind? Comment and let me know!

So I’ll leave it with- I wanna see naked trees flaunt their curves. 🍂🍁

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