Desperate for Motivation.. Among other things.. (Mature)

After spilling a bit of myself the other day, I didn’t get any harsh judging comments, so I thought I’d follow up.

Speak a little more about that aspect of me.

Sex is something I’m not shy about speaking of. I feel like it’s something so natural that, why should I be shy?

I would say I’m a very sexual person, but not in the sense that I sleep around. As I mentioned before, I’ve only been with 2 guys in my life.

I watch all types of erotica, try out different stimulation products, I read about different fetishes. Keep in the know. I could honestly write an entire post about what stimulation toys I prefer. Again, I’m not shy.

I remember the first time I went into a sex shop, I was a bit nervous at first, but after browsing a bit, I thought to myself “they sell this stuff all day, why would they care what I buy?”

It’s so strange how when it comes to sex we have such fear of judgment and ridicule. The workers there I just loved. Girls exactly like me, no filter, open, ready to gab about different products. I honestly think I’d be perfect for working in an erotic shop haha.

They would talk about their experiences with different products and I just found it so fascinating. Similar to when I ask the piercer how often they do genital piercings. Or waxers who wax crotches. Is it awkward? Is it gross? I love hearing about that sort of experience people have.

As far as fetishes go, I know they’re are tons out there that people have acquired. Now, while most of these strange fetishes I am not into personally, I don’t judge those who have them. Only a few things do I judge on. ☝🏻



Dead bodies

Non-consensual torture

And basically anything that hurts an animal or person.

Pretty standard I’d say as far as disapproval.

The rest, from eyeball licking, to vomit, to shit, to trees, to falling down stairs, hey, as long as both people are consenting, do what you want. Just don’t hurt anyone.

Personal fetishes I have are pretty tame I’d say haha.



Watching a guy get off to me

Public play where you could get caught


Pleasing my partner

To know I’m making them feel good is the ultimate turn on. Especially when they moan.

Despite having a pretty much sex-free life, I manage to adapt. But, I’d be lying if I said that my frustrations weren’t ehhh, abundant. Which is why I do the whole thing with some guys I meet on IG.

At this point, it’s strictly Hentai and personal toys.

Does anyone ever get so frustrated by their lack of intimacy that they either wanna punch something or feel so tense they could cry?


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2 thoughts on “Desperate for Motivation.. Among other things.. (Mature)

  1. It’s a struggle to overcome the gloom that often surrounds us… because people usually shy away from me when I’m depressed. I have to somehow get back into an upbeat mood to entertain them. A strong and confident Daddy can lend a hand to someone who needs help.

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    1. I think that everyone has dark times of thought, spells of feeling low, pretty much no one is immune to that. If the person really cares for you, they’ll want you to feel comfortable just being down for a bit. I deal with nearly everything on my own, so I know that feeling. It’s definitely a thought I often think on about, a guy being my daddy.

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