The Rage Beat..(Poem)

Everything you ever told me was a lie, hiding behind deceitful eyes, wearing a charming disguise, everything that would capture my mind. The tone in your voice gave me hope, the smile on your face wrapped the rope tighter around my throat. Before I realized it I was a fish on your hook, I believed every line, pulled in deeper with every look.

I know now I was just a stint to stave off your boredom, as soon as a prettier fish was within your grasp, you tossed me aside not caring if that next breath was my last. I was never your first choice or even your second best, I was just a temporary amusement you wanted to become caught in your mess. A rabid dog has shown more mercy, at least with them you have sure death as a curtesy.

You’d have taken the last drop of blood in my veins, bled me dry and left me to rot in the rain. Push me in front of a train, toss my love down the drain, do the time for each and every mistake you made. If only I could be there to see you face to face, I’d smash my fist into your nose and make sure every tiny bone breaks.

The shakes hit me as I think back on yesterday, I spit on the day I ever learned your name. Trapped inside a perpetual cycle of hate, another black mark on my record given way by fate. Each interaction, each conversation another misleading distraction. What was the point when all is said and done? Months of pain filled confusion, for a few moments of “fun”?

How do people sleep knowing it’s the most innocent that they deceive? The kindness they take with greed, the worst kind of low life that only rotten scum could conceive. And yet they roam free, corrupting every sweet soul they meet. I want you to regret all the pain that you caused me, to sit alone in your dark room and lament over a stiff drink. Can she give you what you think you need? When you can’t even look in the mirror without wanting to smash every piece?

Until you realize your core inner means and what sacrifice it takes to cage the Demons you breed, you’ll never be freed. It’ll just be on to the next, never fulfilling your dreams…🍂🍁

I’m honestly very proud of this, even though it comes from a painful and broken place. I think anyone who’s ever been lied to or betrayed can relate ❄️

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