The Sun Finally Shone Today..

After 6 days of constant rain and gloom, the sun broke through the dreary February clouds and seeped through my open blinds. I felt an instant sense of relief knowing that today I’d have that boost to get a few things done. For all the ways I used to hate the sun, now it’s become such an ally in the daily fight of my depression.

I’ve changed so much since my early teens, at 16, I was married to the night and in love with the solitude darkness brought me. I recoiled from the sun as if it were instant death hitting my skin. Now the darkness and nightfall suffocate me and bring an overwhelming sense of isolated claustrophobia.

Writing and art are often better than therapy for me, I can channel all my pain and frustration into them and produce something worthwhile. I’m trying to make new friends as well. Trying being the key word here, aha, but at least I’m approaching people. I’m hesitate after the ‘A’ saga, but who knows what’ll come of this new endeavor..🍂

So I’ll leave it with- There and back again..🍂

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