Back From Beyond The Grave..

So, I’m back, getting back into blogging, took a bit of a break that wasn’t really intended. But, to much shit has happened that the thought of hashing it all down into a post just wasn’t appealing.

I’ve spoken before on here about ‘A’, and they are no longer in the picture unfortunately or fortunately, I dunno at this point. After an atomic bomb style showdown, things ended up on the south end of shit creek. The person I had this altercation with was not the ‘A’ I fell in love with. This person was a stranger assuming ‘A’s appearance. This thing, was a vicious, vindictive, hateful, borderline sociopath. Delusional, threatening, and outright mean. That’s not my ‘A’

It all culminated from the simple act of me calling him and girl. I did this for many reasons. The number one being that that same day, she had told me to go away, she never wanted to speak to me again, I’m bothering her, and to leave her alone period. Now remember, this is the person I loved most, who not only a week before I had given a ring to and that they had loved. To say this was a shock would be like calling Salmon a Steak. It always was truly devastating. So needless to say, I wrote a post on my IG and her stalker new girlfriend saw it and showed it to “A”. An all out assault ensues of me being threatened, told to die, and called about every horrible thing possible. All for calling him a girl. No guy has ever been like this to me, but girls, time and time again.

I’ll admit that being trans and calling him his biological sex is pretty harsh I suppose, but it in no way warranted this. Her new gf I had no idea about also began yelling and cursing at me. It was a shit night, and to cut it short, “A” hates me now, wishes I was dead, and is stalking my page from accounts I don’t know about. This was a rabid dog off it’s leash level of behavior. My ‘A’, the sweet genuine girl I gave my heart to, would never have been this way to me.

At this point, I’m in deep deep mourning. You see, this isn’t the same as normal heartbreak. The person I fell for is gone, it’s as if I watched her die right before my eyes. And now it’s replaced with this thing. I’m mourning the loss of her. The girl I loved and put above all else. Who I would have given anything on earth to be close to. It hurts, and I’m in deep pain over this.

I’ll cut it here as I’m tired and sick feeling. I’ll leave it with my latest art piece and- One step forward, 8 steps back..🍂

#artist #artwork #otaku #manga #aesthetic #deep #depression #sad #broken #daily #anxiety #nerd #myart #life #new

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