The Smell of Blood..

Poem by me- I want to start posting my poetry here so here’s the first one. 🍂

I remember the first time I smelt fresh blood. That metallic taste of pennies laying a wave over my tastebuds that wouldn’t be erased for months. It seeped into my skin, my hair, my nails, shower after shower it clung to my body like a virus. Over time, I became used to it, desensitized, at home in the gruesome carnage. The world is so painfully ordinary when you’re standing on the outside. If people knew what lay beyond the vale of reality, could their sanity withstand the truth? Humans are built so basic, so vulnerable, hundreds of years old. For all the ways they feel pride in their juxtapositions beside another of their species, they share the same weakness. Alone in my kind, no mold exists to replicate the atoms inside. If you were alone from the start, do you know what lonely feels like? Pride lay to waste, envy to ruin, don’t trust a demon disguised as a human.~ #poem #poetry #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #writer #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #instart #instapoetry #yyh #yuyuhakusho #anime #vaporwave #nerd #otaku #grunge #alternativegirl #indie #mood #daily #sunday #emo

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