And the Snake starts to Sing..

I slept very roughly last night, my teeth are sore from all the clenching. I had nightmares about snakes, lots of snakes. Snakes covering the floor, being bitten by one, trying to keep them away from my cats. Staring one in the face as it was about to strike. Seeing my mother there for some reason, acting like it was no big deal, caring more about the snakes safety than my own.

I was bitten by a snake in my dream, this big gray and black eerie fucker I called a “box snake”. It had been hiding under my couch where I sleep, waiting for me.

Now I want to make this clear, I’m not afraid of snakes. I don’t hate them. I respect them. Some are so strikingly beautiful as well. I’ve held snakes, been around them, and I was never afraid for my life. I respect their power and admire from a safe distance as I do with any wildlife.

The snake in my dream seemed fixated on me, it wanted me specifically and one bite wasn’t enough. I could see the blood oozing out of the wound on my hand. Feeling the poison seeping into my veins going right to my heart. And yet I was more concerned with trying to keep my cats away from all the snakes peppering the floor.

I was so frustrated that my mother was handling the snakes like they weren’t dangerous. Ignoring me and the cats as if we were invisible. The anger I felt, my teeth clenching, clearly transferring to reality.

Remembering it all now as I lay here writing this, I can see that my subconscious must have been pulling old memories from the shelf of my life. Like a late night read, it pulled a particularly deep horror story from long past. The snakes though are what I’m trying to figure represent. There were so many..

I remember at one point sitting on my couch and hearing my mom say that she “let them in” and to “not step on any”. The snakes well-being was her main concern, so much so that she let them into my house like a shelter. The smaller ones biting at my feet, the sharp pain of their little fangs sinking into my flesh.

I feel a bit drained after such a long nightmare to be honest. The representation of my mother in the dream doesn’t surprise me, but that’s for another post in itself. The snakes though were clearly a symbol, of what I don’t know. So I’m gonna do a bit of research and report my findings in the next post.

So I’ll leave it with- If only I could shed memories like a snake sheds its skin🍂

#dream #nightmare #snakes #meaning #lastnight #sleep #deep #feeling #strange #new #mylife #creepy

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