The anxiety..

Night time has now become my enemy.. I’m an absolute wreck as soon as the sun goes down.. Life moves so slowly yet, the pain I feel hasn’t lessened at all in fact.. Every time I see that one person, it’s as if shards of glass Rain down on my chest and I’m unable to avoid a single one..

They swim through my lungs now.. the very air I breathe to live feels as though it’s trying to suffocate me.. Hands gripped tight around my throat, thumbs digging into my windpipe.. I have so many questions.. So much confusion I can’t escape.. Was the point of this meeting just to suffer?.. For life to throw a big “fuck you” in my face because for once I was happy with someone?..

I don’t trust myself.. I’ve never felt wrong in my instincts before and I’m completely terrified of what that means for me.. I just need a sign that I wasn’t wrong.. that things will work out and everything will fall into place eventually.. The tension of the unknown is a barbed wire chain around my neck.. One small misstep and it’ll slice right through me..

Why won’t it stop?.. Why..

#poetry #writer #depression #emo #broken #pain #anxiety #feelings #hurt #life #new #daily

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