Melancholy About Me Musings..

So for my daily post, I thought I’d do a proper introduction and a little about me.

Name- Ruby E

Age- Can you guess?

Favorite color- Red

Sign- Aquarius

Demeanor- Very chill, laid back, think Spike in Cowboy Bebop if you’re a fellow classic anime nerd. Easy going, down to earth, open minded.

Personality- Light hearted, it’s very difficult to offend me, definitely perverse in my own way. 100% Nerd of several varieties. Understanding. Sympathetic.

Likes- Classic Anime. 90s Aesthetic. Grunge/Indie Fashion. Pin Collector. Japan Lover. Kawaii and Horror Freak. Video Games across all systems. Making Artwork. Writing. Deep Conversations. Conspiracy theories.

Dislikes- Censorship. Closed Minded people. Know it all types. Many different foods lol. Flying on planes. Riding passenger in a car. Disturbing torture movies. Super sad movies.

Sexuality- Bi. It’s about the connection for me, we need to connect otherwise it won’t work.

Music taste- I can go from Halsey to Linkin Park. From a Taylor Swift song to a Bring me the Horizon playlist. I just don’t like classical or country 99% of the time

I guess if you want to know something about me just ask. Cuz I can’t think of anything else right now 😪

#aboutme #daily #personal #emo #grunge #nerd #alternative #indie #aesthetic #life #new #lifestyle #style #artist

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