My Writing Style, Streaming & 80 Followers!

2am on a Friday night, 18% battery on my phone and I’m laying in my bed, or couch more technically. But I decided that since I’m wide awake, why not do an overdue post.


So I wanna take this first bit to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s followed me thus far on my blogging journey. I’m really humbled, I didn’t think I’d end up getting this much notice when I first started this little corner of my mind.

It genuinely motivates me to keep at it and doing more and more posts. I really wanna create some entries that people really relate too or find funny, or even helpful.

Your support means the world to me and I hope you continue to follow me on this collection of inner monologues and passionate interests.

Streaming that Twitch itch

Yup, I’ve started streaming, for I’d say about a month now. I gotta say that I actually really enjoy it. So far I have 2 different things you can watch on there. With more to come in the future. It’s really relaxing and chill honestly and I’d love to work up to doing it almost every day.

1- The Vixen & Kitten Hour

My sister and I host our own podcast on Twitch where we talk about any and all topics, so far we’ve done, Horror movie reviews, sex, male support, and politics in entertainment. Each week is a new topic!

We’re very down to earth and funny chicks. We see things from both sides and give our opinions based on that. It’s a very chill podcast where you can kick back and listen to two chicks, one who sounds like an Anime siren, and one who sounds like a loli neko.

We joke on articles we find, different “cult of outrage” stuff, it’s a blast and all the current episodes are up on my Twitch page!

It’s every Thursday night starting at 8:30CT

I’ll leave my Twitch link down at the end.

2- Is me solo streaming Corpse Party Book of Shadows.

I’m up to episode 4 in the game and I’m loving it! I’m also trying to develop my voice acting ability by reading the lines of each character.

It’s a fun spooky anime horror game and a great story to follow along and become engrossed in!


The creepiest month of the year is already half way through and I’ve yet to really get into a horror movie flow. And frankly I’m disappointed in myself.

I watched the Alien movies, but nothing after that. And that’s just a damn shame. So rather than blow more time off, I’m gonna watch a horror film during the day tomorrow, then get my stream on.

I think today it’ll be the movie called, As Above so Below. After seeing The Decent, which scared the piss outta me btw, that whole cave exploring idea is a treat.

It’s something I can safely say I’d never do. I’m a panicky, claustrophobic, humidity victim. I’m not about to be trapped underground with the spawns of the Devils asshole.

Plus I mean, ew, sweaty, small spaces, I’m fine in my bathroom after a shower with the lights off if I want that vibe.

My Writing Style

So, if someone were to ask me (not that they would), what my writing style is derived from. Or if I planned on writing this blog a certain way. Perhaps if I contemplate on every word before I type it. This would be my reply-

*Long exasperated throat clearing*……


I write exactly as my mind flows with it. And it’s nothing like, I don’t care how what I say sounds. Or, don’t care how it comes off to people. Of course not. This is a blog someone, somewhere, might stumble across and read. It’s a reflection of myself, it represents me in a way.

That’s exactly why I don’t really plan out posts down to the literal letter. I don’t agonize over every sentence, I don’t force drawn out thought in how people will perceive me.

I want everything to feel as natural as possible. Thoughts spilling onto a screen and my own unique spastic take on whatever I’m on about.

I’m without a doubt not organized, nor do I sound professional, or probably even schooled in English (I am btw, took as many college classes as I could on it).

But to me, creative writing is an art. It can be abstract, or controlled, or analytical. It can be dark or cheerful. It can be manic or sleepy sheepy, aggressive or chill as ice cream. It’s the art of your mind, painted into letters on a screen.

Do it how you want, about whatever you feel like, in whatever “style” comes naturally to you.

My “style” is complete RAM (Random Access Memory), mixed with a NFG database, and free flowing wires of sarcasm. Whichever file I pull for a post, could be a rant, review, recovery update, or a riot, it’s gonna be an organic flow through.

No matter what the subject, topic, vibe, I love writing. It’s the one thing throughout my life that was an instant chill pill. Like a Xanex that actually works for me.

This zone, is my comfort zone.

Saturday Spirit

Thanks again guys who are currently following me, who choose to follow me in the future, or just take the time to read a post. It’s hard to express through a screen the appreciation I have for the support. Just know that through my cynicism, my sarcasm, my laid back approach, I put true care into what I say.

If this blog can make even just one person smile, or feel related too, or not feel alone, or to know someone out there understands them, then all the work I’ve done so far, and will continue to do, is worth it 1000x over.

Feel free to leave a comment or approach me, I’ll do my best to respond! Also, if you feel like asking me a question, go for it as well!

So I’ll leave it with- Life is a strange hideous ironic bitch goddess, but when she gives us a break, what we experience is magic ~ 🍂🍁

Twitch Link


My First Brazilian Wax (The Ouch Meter)!

Sunday really seems to be the day that I get a lot of things done. And this past morning was a pretty big deal for me.

I went in and got my first full Brazilian wax and butt wax, yes butt wax. So I decided to blog about my experience for anyone considering waxing, whether you’re female or male!

The 411

So, being a girl with dark hair and extremely pale skin, body hair is an eyesore to me. I envy the blonde for 2 reasons, 1 you can dye your hair any color you want without bleaching it and it’ll show beautifully. And 2, your body hair isn’t nearly as visible. I digress.

Shaving is just ehhhh, a pain in the pussy, pun intended. No matter how soft or firm I shave, no matter the razor type or brand, no matter the shaving cream, I cut myself, get razor bumps, and I’m maybe smooth for a day. And of course the fact that I can’t reach every place. I’m not very flexible and I have thick thighs, nuff said.

So after much debating, I decided to just do it. I knew I had to wait 3 to 4 solid weeks for the hair to grow out, which I’ll admit was annoying.

Making the Apt

I dunno about anyone else out there, but when your hair is growing back on your crotch area, does it not itch so much? Cuz for me it was just obnoxious. I washed it and kept it clean every day, but still it itched, especially if I was exercising and sweating.

I decided on the European Waxing Center that’s very close to my home. I knew I wanted to go to a place that specialized in only waxing. No nail salons or hair salons. I downloaded the app and made an apt without having to call in. I could choose my waxer, and got a time!

I read the local reviews of the place and found that one waxer was praised very highly by the most people, so I chose her. If you’ve never been to a place and are getting a service, it doesn’t hurt to check your local reviews and see who’s name pops up most.

Cuz I had no idea who to pick, and for this delicate of a procedure, I wanted the best.

Nervous Wreck

I woke up early that day, I’ll admit I was crazy nervous. It felt like the exact same panic I have when I know I’m going to the doctors.

I washed my downtown business thoroughly, no way was I gonna go in there with having anything but a pussy smelling like flowers.

I arrived 30mins early, plenty of time to sit and stew in my own sweaty panic. When I’m nervous, I sweat like crazy, it’s awful.

The Esthetician came out and right away was very sweet to me. She could probably tell right off the bat how nervous I was. We went back to a private room and she asked me to strip off my bottoms, underwear an all.

I commented how scared I was and she instantly with a perky tone said, “don’t be! We’re both girls and I see it all the time! When I have free time I ask one of my coworkers to wax me. Nothing to be shy about and I’ll take good care of you.” I’ll say, this put me at ease some. Her attitude was so positive and welcoming that even though she’d be seeing my lady goods, I wasn’t as shy.

Stupid Table Paper (tiny rant)

So I hopped up on the table, ripping that stupid paper they have so you don’t touch the table itself. I hate that paper, I know it’s for a reason, but something about that ripping just embarrasses me. Like I’m so sweaty it sticks to me and just “ripppppp”. Plus I mean come on, you’re getting up on a table and spreading your legs for a stranger to touch and see.

Same thing happens at the stupid gynecologist. Like you’re already nervous and uncomfortable, but if you’re a nervous sweater like me, having the paper just stick to you and rip while you’re exposed is just ugh, embarrassing. (Maybe I’m the only one with this problem but I needed to vent)

The Business

I spread my legs in a butterfly position and she began talking to me. Asking me questions about my life and my interests. Simultaneously spreading the wax on the area. This wasn’t strips they used, it was wax you peel off, I’m not sure honestly which is better or worse, strips or just the wax itself you pull off. Both hurt so eh.

She automatically told me that the first 4 would be the worst because it’s what takes off the majority of the hair. And I knew my hair was thick and not gonna go down without a fight for dear life.

For Future Reference

Anytime someone says, “ok I’ll just tell you when to breathe in, and take a deep breath”, you know you’re in for some pain.

She did just that, and I was trying with all my might to not hold in and then pass out. For some reason, when I’m told to breathe, I instantly hold my breath like I’m preparing for a deep sea dive.

She ripped and–

I’m not gonna sugar coat it my sweet readers, this was a “oh holy shit” moment. It hurt, a lot, then the next one came and my leg actually twitched and flinched. She was still talking to me and I did my best to focus on her words rather than the shocks of pure pain. After the 6th one, I suppose I knew that it wouldn’t hurt any more than it already had, and I just became used to it.

Still reminds me of that infamous scene in the 40 Year old Virgin. When he’s getting waxed, that was actually him being waxed. And his cries in pain are not over exaggerated.

My butt actually hurt more than I thought it would, those tender soft areas like the stomach and inner thighs, they just can’t take much pain.

Smooth Sailing (the result)

After all was said and done, it took maybe, 15 to 20mins. She put a serum on my situation and I got dressed.

Not gonna lie, I was fully expecting to not be able to walk outta there without being in pain. I figured I’d be raw and sore and bleeding for at least the rest of the day. But, I was totally fine.

The funny thing about waxing is that the initial pain is intense, but there’s no after pain. Like no residual stinging or soreness, it’s just calm. Maybe in appearance it’s red and even bleeding slightly (which is normal) but you don’t feel any pain.

So if you’re considering a wax, I say to try it at least once. No shaving there, showers are shorter, results are longer. And the hair grows back less thick and less numerous. So each time you wax, it gets easier. It’s smooth and bump free! Perfectly kissable 💋😌

Ok I’ll stop now 😂

Hope this helped you out some! If you have any questions please feel free to comment!

Autumn Goals!

I for one am sick to death of the heat. I sweat just looking out the window at the sun, let alone be out in it. And where I am on this planet is no “cool for the summer” type place.

But now Autumn is in full swing! And tomorrow is the first of October!

We survived the summer and now it’s chilly days ahead!

I’m very excited to wear my sweaters and leggings again. Tbh all of favorite clothes almost or for chillier weather. I even have stuff I got at the end of the cold season this year that I haven’t even been able to try yet!

The gray skies and chilly wind are heaven on earth to me. I actually wanna start jogging now that it’s gonna be bearable.

Though it’s my dream to spend Autumn in a place like NYC, Amsterdam, or London, I’ll try and make the best of it where I am.

I wanna set some goals for October and see if I can actually do them! I wanna give myself a real challenge 🙌🏻

Goals I have picked out for now are-

Start jogging at least once a week

Write an actual chapter for one of my stories

Stream twice or 3 times a week

See one movie at the theater

Fix up my workout area

Save money for my hair

Blog more often

play a new video game

And get my finances in order!

Those are a good start for now!

What do you enjoy about Fall? Any goals in mind? Comment and let me know!

So I’ll leave it with- I wanna see naked trees flaunt their curves. 🍂🍁

Hentai: When you want it How you want it (mature)

I have absolutely no shame in saying I’m a massive Hentai fan. I have been for years, and it was actually one of the first porn types I ever watched growing up.

So I decided in this post I’d talk a little bit about the genre I love and sometimes say “WTF” to.

What you get

The Japanese man, masters at so many things.

Horror that actually scares you.

The cutest damn things on the planet.

And any kind of kinky business you may be into. Or! Didn’t even know existed!

Plus I mean, the style and culture and robots. But this isn’t a “let’s suck Japan’s dick” post.

This is a pervy post that gets hella lewd, and damn it! It’s gonna stay that way!

Hentai is a strange beast because, you find yourself getting turned on by things that if you saw in real life, would just horrify you.

Well, Didn’t Know I Was Into That..

That’s one of the beauties of Hentai, or one of the disgusting things according to some haters. You can see a giant tentacle monster, capturing a Kawaii chick who barely tries to resist because she knows what’s coming is gonna feel fantastic.

Proceed to be molested by said monster. Who always either rips their clothes off with no effort. Or burns them off with some acid that somehow doesn’t dissolve skin as well.

I gotta hand it to the voice actors who do these Hentai chicks voices. They are just incredibly sexy a lot of the time. It honestly sounds like they are being molested by the aforementioned monster, in the recording booth.

The male voices are great too, super deep and commanding, or innocent boyish, or sinister creepy. The Japanese are small people in body, and the fact that a probably short small guy can make such a deep sexy voice is a damn skill.

Down The Rabbit Hole Deeper

But it’s not just tentacle monster you are subjected to, there are hosts and hosts of other random bizarre shit that someone decided was sexy.

I definitely have some types that I do not respond to. That dry me up like a slug on a summer hot dashboard.

Weird Mutant Pregnancy

Seriously, what is with this? If you fuck a dog (please don’t, I’m serious) and the dog unloads inside you, you aren’t gonna have some Cronenberg freak sandwich running around.

But in Hentai, say a weird monster thing, usually a disgusting bug, unloads inside you, you’ll somehow be knocked up with weird larva babies. It’s just weird.

And I’m not kink shaming here, this is Hentai, it’s a fantasy, not real, but the fact that the thing doing the fucking looks like a giant preying mantis, makes me wanna barf up a lung.

Uh, Not Possible Dick Penetration

So, back to monsters again, why is it sexy, to see some giant ogre, fuck some chick who looks to be the size of a 7 year old. With this massive dick, that literally pokes itself nearly all the way through her stomach?

Ow? Like really, fucking OW. It’s not just the loli chicks this happens to, it can be any body type Hentai chick. This things dick is so fat and long that it pushes through her vag, cervix, womb, and into her stomach.

Again, not kink shaming, this isn’t real, but god like, it just looks so painful. But the chick is like, cumming buckets over it most of the time so, that’s Hentai.

Bleeding and Nipple Piercing

This one isn’t as disturbing, I just don’t like it. Seeing a guy aggressively slam his dick into a virgin chick and seeing the blood just splash out, doesn’t do it for me. And seeing some weird freak shoving needles into a chicks nipples to inject her with god knows what, again, I’m dry over here. Maybe it’s the pain part that just makes me cringe and grab my tits in horror.

Rape? Oh actual Rape

So, a recent release of a Hentai I watched, really left a bad taste in my mouth. And ya know I get the “point” of it, it’s a fantasy, not real, but it really turned my stomach.

So, this “ugly bastard” as they are called in the Hentai world. Is waiting at the bus stop, alone in the rain. He’s clearly distraught, and unhappy with his life, and also very clearly sex deprived.

Then comes this beautiful teen chick with big massive tits, a soaked uniform, and virgin disposition. Because ya know, likelihood and all that.

She sits down on the bench next to him, no one is around, it’s dark and pouring rain. She’s very sweet and trusting of him right away. He creepily mentions that he has a daughter around her age and she hates him. His wife is also, I dunno, a cold bitch let’s say. So clearly buttering her up with some sap story.

Her guard is down from the start, she feels no threat or sense of like “uh this guy is bigger than me, I’m alone, wet, in the boondocks, no help for miles”. He just “decides” he’s gotta have a piece of that teen ass right then, no matter the force needed.

Now look, there is a genre of Hentai that’s pretty popular and I can’t say that I don’t like a few myself. Where a girl is being forced upon, but very quickly you see her enjoying it, and her inner thoughts are of how amazing it feels.

That was not the case here.

This was full on “god help me, why is this happening, is this my fault” rape. No “wow this does feel good, I can’t believe I’m moaning at this” type deal. She was crying, screaming, struggling, begging for him to stop.

This was just too real. And I’m not trying to say that rape is ok, calm down. I don’t like seeing it in real life in any show or movie, it genuinely makes me upset.

Normally when it’s done in Hentai, it’s tongue and cheek, she pretends she doesn’t like it or want it, but ends up on cloud orgasm.

The “point” of this I’m guessing, was to make it real, as real as you can in animated form. Like how an actual teen girl would react in person.

After he’s done, he leaves her there, saying “sorry” and you see her just crying and clearly damaged.

And it ends.

This really just made me feel sick and sad. And I’m not calling out the people who made it. I’m not saying it shouldn’t exist. It’s someone’s art and I’m not about to put my foot in on it. But just for me personally, it really just wasn’t ok.

And to top it off, I was turned off from Hentai for days after that.

If this is someone’s “fantasy”, and can watch this instead of actually acting it out in real life. Fine, totally get it.

But it just makes me wonder about the people who truly just got off to that big time. I’d never seen any Hentai like that before.

Conclusion? Part 1? I dunno

Despite the aforementioned sour Hentai, I just wanted to point out some of the types I don’t like, I do love lots of Hentai. Some are just weird, like honest to the goddess weird. I wonder what the creator was on when he conjured these up.

This wasn’t about kink shaming, or complaining, or condemning, nah none of that. It was just my starting take on the world of Hentai.

I know it’s customary to start with ones you like versus dislike, but fuck it, it went this way so there ya go.

In my next post, I’ll dive into some that I do like and why I like them. So stay tuned~