Inner Monologue.. (Poem)

Waking up in my darkened room, gray skies cast a somber shadow over the walls. A slight glaze over my eyes as I stare up at the ceiling. I feel weightless, I feel unbound, why do I have to move again. Days recounted in black and white memory, playing like a film behind my eyes. […]

It’s a Strange World..

Sitting here on my couch/bed, paying bills and assessing what all I need to do today, I feel a sense of strange melancholy. It’s been raining for the past 5 days, and so the vibe has been gray and coaxing me to wanna sleep. Today is the first day of sun and a blanket of […]

Desperate for Motivation.. Among other things.. (Mature)

After spilling a bit of myself the other day, I didn’t get any harsh judging comments, so I thought I’d follow up. Speak a little more about that aspect of me. Sex is something I’m not shy about speaking of. I feel like it’s something so natural that, why should I be shy? I would […]

A Different Side of Me..(Mature)

So, I’m very very hesitant to speak about this just because of the fear of judgement. It’s very personal to me and I don’t really want to speak about it elsewhere. Writing helps me get myself centered and kind of focus my mind, so this is the best way to self reflect. Let’s hope no […]

Purpose to the Pain.. (Poem)

I wish I could remember how things were before we met. Sitting here with a lit cigarette. It’s 3 in the afternoon and I’m too far down to earth. I wish I was somewhere else. Rocket Man playing on the stereo. I sympathize, miles out in the middle of nowhere, so far you can’t remember […]

Bottom of the Bottle.. (Short Story)

Nothing I write seems worth a damn tonight. The glass is empty and the bottle is long run dry. The imprint of my lipstick on the glass a soft reminder of how low I’ve sunk. Leftover ash scattered about the table, I mindlessly drag my fingertips through it. Maybe if I stare at the bottle […]

The Rage Beat..(Poem)

Everything you ever told me was a lie, hiding behind deceitful eyes, wearing a charming disguise, everything that would capture my mind. The tone in your voice gave me hope, the smile on your face wrapped the rope tighter around my throat. Before I realized it I was a fish on your hook, I believed […]